What is Botsonic?

Botsonic is a Shopify app that helps increase revenue by recovering abandoned shopping carts on your Shopify website using WhatsApp.

How does Botsonic work?

Botsonic sends automated WhatsApp notifications to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts, reminding them of their unfinished purchase and providing a link to complete the transaction.

Why should I use WhatsApp for abandoned cart recovery?

WhatsApp has the highest open and conversion rates compared to SMS & email. WhatsApp boasts a 98% open-rate and conversion rates up to 60%.

What other benefits does Botsonic offer?

In addition to abandoned cart recovery, Botsonic also offers the ability to send order notifications to your customers via WhatsApp.

How much does Botsonic cost?

Botsonic is free to install and free to use. We charge per each abandoned cart recovered and/or each order notification sent to a customer.

How much does abandoned cart recovery cost?

Botsonic charges a small 2.5% fee on all carts that we recovery for you. We operate on a no recovery = no fee basis.

How much do order notifications cost?

Botsonic charges a small $0.03 fee on each order notification sent to a customer. There is no charge if the customer does not use WhatsApp.

Is Botsonic easy to use?

Yes, Botsonic is very easy to use and can be set up in just a few minutes. Once set up, it runs automatically, requiring no additional work from you.

What does the WhatsApp message sent to the customer look like?

We have a customer friendly template that we use for both abandoned cart and order notification messages.

Does Botsonic use a dedicated number to send WhatsApp messages?

Yes, Botsonic is a verified Facebook business with a verified WhatsApp number.

Can we use our own WhatsApp number?

Please contact our support team at hello@botsonic.co.za so we can assist you.